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stack eyeshadow never used got it for 35 asking 20 w/sioping

"medusa" poster 4 w/shiping (i have 3 of them)

diy fuzzy skirt (more photo of it under the cut) size can go to xs to lrg asking 20 w/shiping

"arm sock" brand new one more photo under the cut asking 4 w/shiping

oh my goddess jap. anime 15 w/shiping

sunglasses with white frames 13 w/shiping

alien canddles glow in the dark i have 3, 2 each or 8 w/shiping for all of them

braclet with stones 3 w/shiping

long sleeve top really cute changes blue and black size med but can stretch to a lrg

cute top can be off the sholder if you want it size lrg can fit a med 6 w/shiping

tommy top realy cute stretchs kinda off the sholder size lrg can fit a med 15 w/ shiping

tommy top V neck also stretchs size lrg can fit a med 15 w/shiping

black velvit tank top realy cute size lrg can fit a med 8 w/shiping

white hurley top there 2 stains on it so its real cheap there on the right side of the top size lrg 4 w/shiping

guy button down shirt size med some thread came loose but you cant realy tell 14 w/shiping

horse sleeveless this top is soo cute! size med 13 w/shiping

halter top bilt in bra never really wore it size med can stretch to a lrg 14 w/shiping

hot pink (you cant tell in the photo) tommy tome never had it on size lrg can fit a med 14 w/shiping

pin stripe halter top with tie button down never woren still has tags size lrg can fit a med supper stretchy 15 w/shiping

more photos of the diy skrit

back pocket

the sides look liek this

cherry halter never worn size lrg can fit a med

red and black stripe cardigan size sm/med 12 w/ shiping

heir skrunchy 3 w/shiping

FYI everything has been tied back to fit the dummie

prices are negotiable i do trades for a trade list go to my journal hers a link

more on the way

check out my old stuff at

title or description

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