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Name: TeElle
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Location: Michigan
Birthday: Sept 2

Top Ten Favorite Bands: NFG, Weezer, The Distillers, Sugarcult, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Dashboard confessional, The Used, Taking Back Sunday.
Top Five Favorite Movies: Chucky, Sixth sense, kung pow, mr. deeds, jeepers creepers
Top Five Favorite Books: Bronze bow, gingerbread, Cold sassy tree,
Favorite Color: black
Favorite Saying: your mom
Favorite Actor and Actress: Adam Sandler
Favorite number: 38
Favorite Time of the Year: whenever i can snowboard
Favorite Vacation spot: florida
Favorite Food: potatoes
Favorite person: ethan and stefanie

Aborition: I think its really wrong. I dont get why they think its ok to kill innocent people.
Suicide: You may be having a really rough time but there is always someone who cares about you and why kill yourself when you have your whole life to live?
War: Personally Im not a big fan of war but sometimes it is necessary.
Labels: I will admit I use them on people more than I'd like to, out of habbit i guess, but I do think its kinda dumb. People are just being themselves...
Gay Marriages: Love is love
Drinking Age: There are tons of people who just ignore the fact that you have to be a certain age and other countries dont really have a "drinking age" so I think its stupid.

What the stupidest thing you've ever done? there are way to many...but i guess fallen out of a window or tripped  and flipped down the stairs are school...
If you could do anything right now, what would you do? I would get my drivers licence
Make Three Wishes: do I have to write them?
Do you have and pericings?yes

these are really bad pix...

^^my hair doesnt normally look that bad...

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