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Name: Francis
Birthday:March 9th


Top Ten Favorite Bands: uhh....well im not gonna be all stupid and say i like a band cause ive heard 1 song by them so here goes-- system of a down, thrice, yellowcard, the used, taking back sunday, less than jake, MSI, breaking benjamin, sugarcult, taproot

Top Five Favorite Movies: spider man 2, edward scissorhands, finding nemo, lion king, dogma

Top Five Favorite Books: the little friend, all of the harry potter series, bridge to terebithia (sp), the calling, all of the dancing in my nuddy pants series

Favorite Color: grey

Favorite Saying: i say definitely alot

Favorite Actor and Actress:actor-- tobey maguire is a really good actor actress-- a.j. langer

Favorite number:4 or 2 or 42..either works

Favorite Time of the Year:summer (warped tour!)

Favorite Vacation spot: anywhere where there is a beach and a pool

Favorite Food:fries or chicken

Favorite person:nobody in particular

Aborition: depends on your stability and whatnot but seriously if your planning on having sex use a condom so it wouldnt have to come down to that...but i am 100% against it

Suicide: it shows weakness. people see it as a gateway to a better life. definitely not. i dont know..i dont like it.

War:its not necessary...and it costs billions of dollars while people in the 3rd world countries were attacking and whatnot are dying...not cool

Labels: i think that people who label are insecure of themselves so they have to put down other people in order to feel high and mighty

Gay Marriages:i have no problem with it. i mean if i were bisexual or lesbian and i loved somebody enough to marry them i would do it.

Drinking Age: i guess its okay seeing as i dont drink and probably never will.

What the stupidest thing you've ever done? smoke (no offense to any smokers)

If you could do anything right now, what would you do? win the lottery and buy all the cd's ive ever wanted

Make Three Wishes:um..i wish i meant the world to somebody that meant the world to me, i wish people would be more open minded to new things and not be so judgemental and stereotypical, and i wish that there were no homeless people because its really depressing to drive by them :-(

Do you have and pericings? 1 on each of my lobes but im getting a bunch soon....6 on 1 ear 5 on the other, center lip, belly, and eyebrow

Now post atleast two or more pictures of yourself:

on the right

on the right

on the left

thanks for consideration!
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